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Autism Spectrum Disorder

I have personal experience of living with a family member with ASD and understand the issues which can arise for people with the condition and also for their family members and friends.  I found that some therapist aren't experienced with the condition and so struggle with how to work with someone who has it, or even understand the effect of the condition on the people around them.

There is talk of a 'lost generation' of adults with ASD and associated conditions.  People who were told they were stupid at school, or disruptive.  People who have then struggled through life, feeling useless or out of place in the world.  In hindsight, maybe they had ASD.  I have had increasingly more people come to me with recent adult diagnosis or ideas they may have it and I can help them with any issues arising from that, such as acceptance, learning how to be in the world with the new diagnosis, and many others.

It can be hard for someone with communication difficulties to express themselves in traditional talking therapies, especially when emotions can be hard to explain or even feel.  I try to find a way that people can feel listened to and understood, no matter what their communication problems.  This can be through writing, drawing (no need to be a fine art student - I can barely draw a stick man myself!  It's just about expressing yourself), other play therapy.  I even have my dogs who can help to diffuse any awkwardness and stress in the room.  We can even go for a walk or sit outside if the idea of being in a small room isn't comfortable.  I am happy to work with each person differently according to their needs.

I can also help families and friends of people with the condition.  It can be hard at times and I am here to listen and to help you through if needed.

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