Mindfulness is the practice of becoming consciously aware of yourself in the world.  It allows you to focus on the present moment, accepting your feelings and physical sensations, rather than fighting against them.  All too often we try to fight our 'bad' feelings, hold on to negativity, or find ourselves planning what is happening tomorrow rather than living today.  This constant forward thinking and battling of ourselves causes stress, anxiety and many other issues which negatively affect our lives.  


Mindfulness allows us to just be who we are in the present moment.  It's not magical or hippyish (a description given to me by a friend!) - it is very simple once you get the basics down and practice regularly.  It doesn't even have to take much time - I've even found myself doing it for 5 minutes waiting in the school playground at pick up time when I feel as if I have 1001things to do! 

The word 'mindfulness' appears to be creeping into all areas of our lives these days and it feels a little overused as a topic at times.  However, the true practice of practicing and becoming mindful is rather life changing, as I have personally found.  


It can help to:

  • reduce stress

  • improve physical health

  • improve mental health issues such as depression and anxiety

  • Improves relationships

  • generally make life much more calm and enjoyable!

I sometimes use mindfulness and relaxation techniques in my sessions with counselling clients who express an interest but I am also able to offer: 

  • 1-1 sessions in mindfulness or relaxation without counselling

  • Group mindfulness workshops

  • Presentations on the benefits of Mindfulness & Relaxation

Please contact me for further details.

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